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EPISODE RUNDOWN: Auteurs vs. Collaborators: How does the process affect movies and books?

Alternative Titles:  Unpacking The Creative Process: What Goes Into Making Movies and Books? Examining The Collaborative Process and Auteurship Through Films, Books, and Video Games On Auteurship and Collaboration: Can One Survive Without The Other? A good film brings you to tears. A fully fleshed-out video game transports you to another world. A beautifully executedContinue reading “EPISODE RUNDOWN: Auteurs vs. Collaborators: How does the process affect movies and books?”


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Easier Said is all about storytelling. Across various mediums, from TV to film to literature, we look at everything from adaptation to narrative structure to writing.

The Future Of New Media Storytelling With Eric R. Williams Easier Said

Exciting news: Easier Said is evolving! In one of our first interview episodes, we talk to an expert on new media storytelling. Eric R. Williams studies the spectrum of new storytelling forms that runs from virtual reality to mixed media. He is a professor of Emerging Communication Technologies at Ohio University.  He teaches in their brand new Virtual Reality and Game Design major at the undergraduate level (which starts in Fall of 2022).  Today, we discuss the changes of storytelling, and we look at how it impacts us and the industries producing it.  Food-for-thought: Is VR a gateway to an “Amish Paradise”?  ________________________________________________________________________  NEW — Become a Renaissance Writer Clayton is organizing a writers group and class centered on bringing together novelists, short story writers, playwrights, screenwriters, poets and more to break down the barriers between story forms and spark insights. Come think outside your toolbox with us! Sign up now for the newsletter and get the course overview ahead of time! Sign up here: (  ________________________________________________________________________  Find us: Substack (  Facebook (  Twitter (  Podchaser (  The Easier Said podcast is a production of Conceit Media.
  1. The Future Of New Media Storytelling With Eric R. Williams
  2. Story Structure: How to engineer great narrative
  3. Special Presentation from Soundwright Spotlight: The creators of Sage and Savant
  4. Season 2 Preview
  5. Cinematic History, Trends, and Dynamics

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